Established 1980

The Team


Kristian Sullivan

Kristian is the Company Director, working for several years as one of two Company Partners his experience within Essex Properties is vital to its sucessfull management. He oversee's all departments and is constantly adjusting business processess to ensure our service is not only bespoke but still meets every clients personal requirements.


Senior Management

Alison Oakley
Office Manager

Alison is one of our most experienced Accounts Managers and forms part of the Office Management Team, She also deals with all court actions and debt recovery via solicitors. Alison has been with us for a long time and has grown in experience considerably since she was appointed. She now works on our alternate software developments and deals with the credit accounts on some of our larger developments, which combine residential and commercial mixed use.

Kim Motley
Office Manager

Kim has worked in several areas of the Estate Management Section.  Kim has extensive knowledge and experience of the Accounts department now is in the responsible position of Office Manager, working on our more advanced accounts programmes, and she also deals with keeping the Team on their top game.

Estate Management

Stacey Colley AIRPM
Senior Property Manager
Ms Kate Sharp
Property Manager
Jessica Hillier
Property Assistant

With Jessica's career path starting with Property Lettings and Rentals her knowledge from both the Leaseholders and Residents side gives her the ability to accurately asses situations and communicate with the Property Manager effeciently.

she has jumped into Block Management with the motivation and key skills required to keep our clients happy and their service consistant.

Tracy Petersen
Property Assistant

Tracy's role varies from site to site, taking time to listen and address cleints concerns.Her proffessionalism and thoughtful nature is what makes her friendly, approachable and effecient to all clients.

Jake Locke
Property Assistant

Jake is our newest Team member and completes the corporate department. With his background in the building industry, he has many skills and a good knowledge in this area.

His motivation for the role and impressive organisation skills bring a fresh approach to our clients their needs.


Diane Smith
Senior Accounts Manager

Diane provides management of the Accounts department and full accounts support to many of our developments across the Essex Properties estate, she brings a wealth of accounts experience and knowledge and can be counted on for her tenacity, attention to detail and good execution of the in-house processes.  

Natasha Potter
Accounts Manager

Natasha's wealth of accounting knowledge and friendly professional approach to her role completes our accounts team.

she is always willing to go that extra mile to keep out clients happy.

Gemma Fell
Accounts Manager
Sharon Pridmore
Solicitors Enquiries Administrator

Sharon deals with all of our solicitors enquiries, ensuring that any property transactions at any of our developments are processed correctly and in a timely manner.  Sharon is very tenacious, extremely well organised and has a clear process for ensuring each case is dealt with in the most effective manner.


Terry Hollander
Terry Hollander
Insurance Manager

Terry is our Insurance Co-ordinator, he brings a wealth of knowledge ot his role along with an extremely friendly aproach to his job.

we can always guarentee that people will be smiling after a telephone conversation with him !

Residential Lettings

Sue Redbond
Credit Control Manager

Sue is responsible for all credit control matters, she also spends several days working in the Residential lettings department. Sue has been with the company for many years and is extremely proficient in what she does. She works hard to resolve issues promptly and effectively and is always a Team player.

Sue Lewis
Residential Manager

Sue is officially our longest serving member of staff - (aside from the Director) - and has been with us for 11 years. Sue has been with us through many changes and growth spurts in the company, and she continues to use and develop her years of experience, to let the properties that are placed with Essex Properties. Her commitment to exhibiting the best service for our clients, including dealing with all the tenant referencing, and inventories, makes Sue the obvious lead in our Residential Lettings Department.

Sam Grubb
Residential Assistant

Sam completes the Residential Lettings Team with her can do attitude,politeness and overall helpfull approach to her role, allows her to comunicate effeciently to our clients. Sam also visits many of out clients whilst carrying out our routine inspections. Her friendly and eager approach means she will be able to assist in whichever way possible.