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"Right To Manage"

Right to manage

Usually the developer of your site will set up a management company to handle the day to day affairs of the development, and after the first initial period, the development passes to residential control, when residents can be appointed as Directors. It is at that stage that you can appoint alternative agents.

However in some instances a management company is not set up, or there are restrictions on your lease as to who can manage the development. In this instance, we would need to take the RIGHT TO MANAGE option, which we can arrange for you, so that you can take over the residential control of your development.

The procedure is more involved and prolonged when the Right to Manage route has to be taken, but it does have to be taken only once. Essex Properties will carry out all the paperwork, setting up the company, serving all the legal notices on the freeholder etc. The cost for this process is shared between the number of leaseholders who join forces to apply for the RTM. We engage the service of the London Law Company to set up the Right to Manage Company itself, we do all the rest of the work for you. (Potentially, further Legal Costs may apply)

A minimum of 50% of members will need to be in agreement to set this up and we are able to assist in setting up meetings with the members to discuss this, and put the relevant proposals forward.


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